My name is Paula Reichwald and I am a software engineer who loves helping people learn about and use the internet. This is more than just a job for me. I choose to do this work so I can spend time helping real people. I want you to be successful, so I will work hard to help you be successful.

As an author services provider I help you convert your manuscript into the most popular ebook formats, set up a website or blog, and even help you with social media.

For your small business, I use my years of experience to help you decide what type of web presence you need, and provide you with reasonable, cost effective solutions.

So what makes me different?
With a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Technology, I have over 13 years of experience in web design and application building, including time working for a large aerospace technology company. Allow me to use my knowledge of processes and technical skills to create detail-oriented quality products for you.

As an OG (Original Geek), I have loved technology and the internet since I started playing as a kid, writing programs on my computer (a Radio Shack TRS-80 for those of you who remember the eighties). Since childhood, I have followed technology and internet trends and innovations. I love this stuff. I can answer your internet questions, from how to set up a host to integrating social media and which formats and places are best to sell your eBook.

My other roles are Mom, avid reader, pet lover, and puckish imp. I love stories and people. So please tell me your story so I can see what I can do to help you. Use the little contact form below or head to the Contact Page for a bigger version.

Excellent customer service, advice, and humor included in the price. Cheers and good wishes are FREE!

“We have used Paula Reichwald for many years, for both ebook conversions (she worked very well with our book designer) and for WordPress work. The WordPress work involved front end and back end work, selecting and installing and debugging plugins, and more. Paula is patient, methodical, tenacious, and will make your WordPress site run properly. Highest recommendation.”

Chug Roberts
Publisher, TheCapitol.Net